Doctoral exhibition of projects submitted for PhD in visual art, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney


‘Underpinnings (Trickling)’ 2018  Live performance, labels, thread, clothing, security cameras,  monitor

‘Underpinnings II’ 2018  Digital video, tablet (not visible in photo documentation)

‘Underpinnings’ 2017  Performance artefacts: jacket, hat, labels

‘Made Me Cry’ 2014-18  Digital video, perspex, MDF, projector

‘Open For Maintenance II’ 2015-2018  Digital video, cotton textile, projector

‘Open For Maintenance’ 2015  Performance artefact: mended shirt

‘We Are Still Alive II’ 2015  Digital video, screen, coffee table, bean bags, easy chair, floor mat

‘We Are Still Alive’ 2015  Performance artefacts: bread basket, tea towel, kitchen table

‘Home Security II’ 2018  Single channel digital video, projector

‘Home Security’ 2017  Performance artefacts: mannequin, wool jumper, wool hats, bamboo knitting needles